Administrative Assistant

Agency Function

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Reports To: Chief Executive Officer


Siarza Social Digital is looking for a administrative assistant to monitor and execute financial tasks for the online communications and marketing agency. Duties and responsibilities include working with account executives on advertising spend, financial administrative tasks for the CEO and managing paperwork for clients and accountants.


    • Works with CEO to ensure accurate billing and documentation on client specific and agency billing activity
    • Monitoring and managing advertising spend budgets for all agency clients
    • Organizing all legal paperwork between clients, contractors and staff
    • Aggressively pursues new ways to enhance overall agency profitability


    • Compiles and sorts documents, such as invoices and checks, substantiating business transactions
    • Prepares agreements on behalf of employees, contractors and clients
    • Computes and records charges, refunds, etc
    • Prepare vouchers, invoices, checks, account statements, reports, and other records or reconcile bank statements
    • Coordinates administrative items needed from CPA


    • Strong problem solving skills, and detail oriented
    • Minimum of an Associate’s degree or equivalent business experience preferred
    • Preferred to have 1-2 years of experience within an advertising agency setting
    • Able to work with a team of young professionals from a remote (online) location
    • Must have strong interpersonal skills to foster relationships (Excellent communication skills, both written and oral)
    • Familiarity with Intuit Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel and/or Freshbooks preferred
    • Marketing or advertising experience a plus

Important Lingo

    • This is a part-time job with 15-20 hours per week, with potential becoming full-time..
    • In response to this job listing, please submit your cover, resume and references to and chose the job title you are interested in applying for.
    • Siarza Social Digital, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

The Fun Stuff about SiarzaSD

Our Mantra: Be social. Keep hacking. Reach differently.

Our Core Values:
We know customer service. With retail and agency backgrounds, our team knows how to be responsive to clients and earn their trust as a business partner. We will strive to build relationships with our clients to help keep the relationship long term.

We use best practices. Our organization has years of experience focused on online communications. Siarza SD will not compete with public relations or advertising agencies, but wants to work together with PR, advertising and marketing teams to draft and implement an online strategy.

We are credible. Businesses have dealt with social media and website practitioners that have poor practices or poor results. Through case studies our team will show how businesses can trust us with their voice and perception online.

We love our employees. Creating a positive culture for growth and creativity will be our focus. Employees will interact with clients as needed, but our culture will be focused on fostering innovation, utilizing best practices and constantly learning ways to be better at what we do.

We are efficient. Social media, website strategy and email marketing can be very time consuming. We help agencies and businesses be more efficient with time with the tools, resources, and expertise to deliver online results.
Our Fun, Collaborative Culture
Siarza SD invests in its employees first. In regards to human resources and employment, there are several areas of focus that are a priority to building a strong team, which then builds strong customer service for clients and produces phenomenal work. Our priorities for keeping our culture positive and hard-working include:

  • Growing New Mexico’s Economy
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Extensive Learning
  • Lean Production
  • Unique Organizational Culture