Our Top Picks for ABQ The Magazine’s Best of the City

For 12 years, Albuquerque the Magazine has asked the city to cast their votes for their favorite shops, restaurants (a favorite category here at SiarzaSD), places, entertainment etc… This is a great way to let your voice be heard and give kudos to your favorite businesses in town.

The deadline to vote for your favorite businesses is August 1st, so hurry and vote! We’re proud to support some of our past and current clients as picks for Best of the City.

Keep reading to learn more about Siarza Social Digitals’ top picks!


66 Diner

Best Milkshake

People from around the world stop at 66 Diner to get a taste of Route 66 and rarely leave disappointed especially after having one of their delicious, hand-spun shakes. This is why they are our top pick for Best Milkshake.



Best Juice Bar

Here’s a local family-owned juice bar that features tasty concoctions from locally grown fruits and vegetables.We won’t lie: Posting instagram-worthy photos  of their beautiful acai bowls totally played a part in naming Squeezed as our top pick for best juice bar.


Mudd Volleyball

Best Event

The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is certainly all about the kids. This one day event, while definitely dirty, is insanely fun. Knowing that our participation is benefitting their programming and hospital support services gives us all the fuzzy feels. We were proud to be their social media team this year, making it our top pick for for best event!


Buddy Walk

Best Event

When it came to “best event” we couldn’t just pick one. Buddy Walk is the Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network’s largest fundraiser as well as the world’s most widely recognized public awareness program for the down syndrome community. RGDSN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower individuals with down syndrome as well as their families; making it clear why they made our list!


Everest Apothecary

Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary (A write-in category)

The medical cannabis industry in New Mexico is one of the fastest growing sectors. Everest apothecary serves patients with the highest quality products. Their hand-crafted cannabis is grown in all natural soil without out any harmful pesticides or contaminants making them our top pick for ABQ The Magazine’s  write in category: Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary.


Valley Fence

Best Landscaping

Family owned and operated, Valley Fence Company gets the job done on time and on budget. They also carry a complete line of fencing products as well as custom design gates, fencing and handrails. We love a company that meets both your needs and a deadline, making Valley Fence our top pick for the category best landscaping!


DUB-L-EE Plumbing

Best Plumbing

DUB-L-EE is committed to quality. They use only the best products and provide friendly and knowledgeable service. Dub-L-ee are honest from start to finish, making them our top pick for the category best plumbing!


Langford Physical Therapy’s MoveTru

Best Alternative Wellness

Do you remember when you were a kid and wiggled and wormed your way through everyday? MovTru takes us back to the basics by reteaching our bodies to move in their natural, complex and adaptive ways. Here at SiarzaSD we believe that when nothing else works, it’s best to get back to the basics, making it easy to understand why we’re choosing Langford PT’s MoveTru as our top pick for best alternative wellness!


Siarza Social Digital

Best Blog

We’re going to be shameless here and toot our own horn.

Key Terms for Digital Marketing Success

If you manage a Facebook page for your business, you’ve probably seen a screen like this one. This is your “insights” page and it’s a great tool for when it’s time to run analytics. The problem is, if you’re new to social media or even just new to using social media for marketing purposes, you may not know exactly what these stats are showing you or how to use them.


What is the difference between followers and reach?

Engagement and clicks?

How do these things tell you what is working and what isn’t?


Here is a guide to help you with social media marketing terminology.


Analytics 101 for Digital Marketing



Your followers are the people who have liked or followed your social media account. These are the people who will see your organic posts as they scroll through their news feed. The more followers that you have, the more people who will see the content that your page is putting out.

Continually growing followers is important because the more people who follow your page, the more people you reach with your posts.



Reach is a measure of your potential audience, how many people might see your post. It’s good to have a large number when it comes to reach, but remember, reach does not mean that your audience reacted to the post or even noticed it, just that they will potentially scroll past it at some point (This is why it is important to put out content that attracts the attention of your followers.). Reach is a great number to use as a denominator when you are trying to figure out the percentage of success for the rest of the metrics of digital marketing.


** While reach is a popular way to measure your potential audience, it is being phased out as a metric. At the moment reach is still available on a few legacy formats, including Facebook.


The number of impressions is the number of times that a post is actually seen. This is not the number of engagements, only a number of views. Impressions give you a good idea of how many people are seeing your content and that gets you one step closer to gaining a customer for your business. There is one problem with the measurement of impressions and that is that if someone views a post multiple times, that will count as multiple impressions when really only one person saw it.



Social media engagement is extremely important in measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. How are people reacting to your posts? Likes, shares/retweets, comments/replies will help you get your audience involved in the conversation and spread the word about your brand and products. You can use this metric to identify what kind of posts are working and what kind of posts are not working and in some cases even hurting you.



If getting more traffic to your website is your goal, the clicks metric is going to be the most important for you. Clicks are the number of people who went to your website through a social media post. These are the people who are definite potential customers because they took that step toward purchasing your product. If you’re getting a lot of clicks from one particular post, you might want to start using more content similar to that one.



This metric is mostly used for Twitter or Instagram. Most people follow some type of social media influencer, whether it’s a celebrity, instagram model or a popular Twitter account. Some of these influencers will show a certain product or brand in their posts and some of their followers will be influenced by that because they have come to know and trust the influencer through social media. If an influencer is using your product, that is a good thing to track because that person is gaining potential customers for you and your business.


Now that you know the basics for measuring your digital marketing success, you can begin creating content based off of what will get you closer to reaching a marketing goal that you have set for your business.

Putting Our #SocialSuperPowers to use for Social Media Day


Six years ago, Mashable officially named June 30 “Social Media Day” to celebrate the impact that social media has made on our everyday lives. Since its start, people have found many creative ways to party on (you can see how people celebrated last year here).

Since every day feels like “Social Media Day,” we thought it would be a great idea to harness our #SocialSuperPowers to benefit the community that has supported us from the very beginning.

Starting Monday, June 26, we are kicking off a week-long fundraising push utilizing the power of social media. We’ve chosen to focus our efforts to some of our favorite causes with a presence in New Mexico. Each of our team members has chosen a nonprofit and has made their personal facebook page public for the week in order to utilize the awesome donate button located at the top right hand corner of their page.


Here are the  nonprofits chosen by our team members:


Kristelle, #BossLady

Domestic Violence Resource Center

I am dedicating this week to helping the Domestic Violence Resource Center. The DVRC exists to make an impact in the lives of both children and adults who have fallen victim to domestic abuse. I’ve had the privilege of serving on their board for several months now and wholeheartedly support the mission of breaking the cycle of domestic violence and abuse.  Your support may help victims of domestic violence  begin living violence free lives.  Donate Here





Auri, Our Laughing Lady 

Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

I am dedicating this week to helping the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. CTHF helps make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities by providing familial support and much needed equipment to those in need. I chose CTHF because it really is all about the kids! Your support could help New Mexican families reach their full potential. CTHF has been a client of Siarza Social Digital since December 2016.
Donate Here




Donyelle, Resident Batman 

Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network

As a member of RGDSN, my family has seen the profound impact this organization has on families and communities across the northern part of our state. The group works to create awareness, assure inclusion, and promote independence in individuals with Down syndrome. Your contribution helps to fund support and outreach activities, and unique opportunities for families including scholarships to attend the National Down Syndrome  Congress Annual Convention. RGDSN has been a client of Siarza Social Digital since April 2016. Donate Here




Analicia, Donut Diva

Ronald McDonald House Charity

I am dedicating this week to helping Ronald McDonald House Charity. This wonderful organization has helped countless families in New Mexico including my own. Your support could provide a “home-away-from-home” for families so that they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost. Donate Here




Denise, Secret Spice Girl

New Mexico Immigration Law Center

I’m dedicating this week to helping the New Mexico Immigration Law Center. I chose NMILC because I believe all New Mexicans deserve access to justice and your support could mean the difference between deportation and a family being able to stay together. Donate Here





Carson, Incredible Intern

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico

I am dedicating this week to helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico. I chose Big Brothers Big Sisters because in a place such as Albuquerque where there is such a high rate of poverty, at-risk youth need someone who can inspire them and help mold their character to promote future success and ultimately help Albuquerque to grow. Donate Here




Danielle, Incredible Intern

Desert Forge Foundation

I am dedicating this week to helping Desert Forge Foundation. DFF was formed by combat veterans to help their fellow veterans who are returning home find employment, restoration, hope and strength.  Donate to DFF and help them change and maybe even save the lives of our veterans.  Donate Here




Yazmen, Incredible Intern

RoadRunner Food Bank

I am dedicating this week to helping Roadrunner Food Bank. After volunteering there I was amazed by the amount of food going to those in need in our community. Donate Here

How Our Mentors Inspired Our Internship Program

Here at the agency, we sometimes like to refer to ourselves as the “Agbos,” because of the lessons we learned at the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University.

When we were in college, it was important for us to gain experience beyond the classroom in order to be successful in our careers. We just needed a little guidance. Each of us were fortunate enough to find mentors who could helped us navigate the waters of our industry be a support system and when needed, give us some tough love to lead us in the right direction.

Both Zach and Auri were lucky to work with Benson Hendrix, the Social Media Manager at UNM. In class he pushed them to create engaging and thoughtful content and he would eventually help guide both of them to their current positions at Siarza Social Digital.

Cristina’s mentor was a part-time instructor named Melissa Juarez, who worked in UNM’s Communication & Journalism Department and also as a marketing coordinator for Dion’s Pizza. Melissa consistently lauded Cristina’s writing and also worked with her to meet individuals in the marketing and communications community in Albuquerque. One of those individuals was Kristelle Siarza.

During her time at NMSU, Donyelle took a number of journalism and mass communication classes under J. Sean McCleneghan (Dr. Mac) who was also her advisor in the department and helped place her in two internships during her undergraduate career and encouraged her to obtain her master’s degree. After passing an exam with high “C”, her junior year, Dr. Mac asked Donyelle to move up an advisory session. “What the heck happened? I know you’re better than that.” Although it was a passing grade, it’s mentorship like that that challenges students to produce exceptional rather than acceptable work.

Kristelle had a professor named Paul Cupach, a retired chief master sergeant in the United States Air Force. Mentorship was part of his rank. One day, he took her aside and said, “You have a lot of potential. You’re stupid smart, Kristelle.”

Because of these individuals and many others that we feel it only necessary to give back and provide that same type of opportunity and guidance to young students.

Our goal is educate, provide on-the-job professional experience, and push them out of their comfort zone so they learn and grow into more prepared, confident professionals. At the same time, we hope that our efforts will keep some of New Mexico’s talent here.

From what we’ve seen, a lot of local companies tend to recruit talent from out of state for various reasons. We feel that there are plenty of eager, capable employees here in state and with the right training and development, these students can be successful in the positions that are needed locally.

In our short tenure as an agency, we’ve had the privilege to host 10 social media and web interns in our internship programs, ranging from freshman to seniors. Some have returned for a second internship and we’ve been able to extend job offers to three of our previous interns.

So here is our challenge to you: How are you joining the effort in on-the-job internship training? Who are you mentoring to be the future of your industry? Most importantly…

Who is your next “Agbo” intern?

Winning Lessons from Agency Veterans

My name is Kristelle, and I’m an agency addict.

I love hearing about the good ‘ol days in the advertising and public relations industry of New Mexico. These “Mad Men” have paved the way for agency owners like me, and I’ve enjoyed hearing their lessons learned and advice to pass on to a rookie.

Over the last two years, I’ve had coffee with former art directors, fun lunches with past directors of public relations, and happy hours with the mighty account executives that have been, in my opinion, the soldiers in the trenches of the advertising agency wars.

I’ve heard thrilling stories of the late Rick Johnson. His previous account execs call them, “My favorite Rick stories.”

One of my new favorite stories was from an owner, recollecting dropping off boxes of artwork and client files (hey, it was the 80s) before letting them go because of a horrid client relationship.

It’s even humbling when an agency owner comes up to us and says, “We’re really rooting for you.”

After the dozens of meetings, I’ve realized we all want the same thing for our clients: success.

The culture of Siarza Social Digital is very much a family environment. We can’t help it. There have often been times when a member of the team says they feel as much a part of a client’s team as ours. I like to believe that’s because of the steps we take to understand and collaborate with each organization we work with and the level of service we deliver.

When a client’s event sells of a digital campaign they ran, we very much relish in their victory with them. We are also the first to admit when digital media is not the sole answer and have helped our clients find the right agency or developer who can meet their needs.

With only two years under our belt, we’ve also had the opportunity to be contracted by some of the best PR and marketing agencies in the state and around the country to focus on what we do best so they can do what they do best.

The saying goes “two heads are better than one” and that’s the approach we take when partnering with other agencies to carry out a client’s marketing needs and goals. The truth is, we are constantly learning, adapting and finding innovative ways to tell our client’s story; but we don’t know everything.

It’s always been the philosophy of SiarzaSD, that while we can serve many clients independently, we can make great partners to other firms who might need an extra hand in our specialities.

I’m lucky to see the team play nice, adapt well and have turned out noteable projects for clients. The results are robust, our partnering agency looks good, our client is successful.

We all win.

ABQ’s entrepreneurial lure

The Albuquerque Journal interviewed five young entrepreneurs about their experiences with starting a business and running it in Albuquerque. Our CEO, Kristelle Siarza, was interviewed about why she chose Albuquerque for her business and the ups and downs of the Albuquerque business industry.

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A rising tide of go-getters

The Albuquerque Journal featured five entrepreneurs in New Mexico and asked them to detail their experience.  Kristelle Siarza, our CEO, said that she never dreamed of launching her own company anywhere but Albuquerque.  She not only joined many other 20 and 30 something year old entrepreneurs, but also decided to focus on helping the entrepreneur industry grow in New Mexico.

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